420 N. Rockwell Ave   •   Oklahoma City, OK  73127   •   405-822-4988 * 405-535-3073
www.oklahomadancerush.net, hdance@coxinet.net or  okcbeth@aol.com


Greetings!  We are excited to present to you the Oklahoma Dance Rush.  We want to include you on April 26 - 28, 2019.   Because we understand Pro-Am competitors
are an important part of the Oklahoma Dance Rush, we would like to reward you for encouraging your students to attend and compete in Oklahoma in April.  

We are offering $5500 in Cash prizes for the UCWDC dances.  

Top Pro:       $1000                                6th Place:        $500
2nd Place:      $900                                7th Place:        $400
3rd Place:        $800                                8th Place:        $300
4th Place:        $700                                9th Place:        $200
            5th Place:        $600                                10th Place:     $100                

We are also pleased to offer Ballroom competition. We have separate awards for those entries.  Please let us know if you would like that package.